Friday, March 9, 2012

Cosmetic haul... ^^

Last Friday I took myself a few hours off after work and decided to check out the new Lush store in Hanover. The first time I purchased something at Lush was in Ireland, a few days before our wedding ceremony. Since then I'm kind of addicted to their products. Since last week it's no longer the small things like the two lip tints I mentioned in my last post, but also the other stuff. 

It is not only the products I kind of admire, but the way Lush is producing their cosmetics. A lot of their products are vegan, but at least vegetarian. Additionally they do not use paraffines and they do not even consider animal testing.

This is bath bomb is just awesome :) The Immaculate Eggception Yellow smells unbelievable. I already used one half for a bath and since then the other half and the little bunny inside are inside of a yellow lush bag on our kitchen table. The whole kitchen smells like vanilla, grapefruit, lemon, chocolate and ylang-ylang. I am really looking forward to the second bath I'm using it. :) but I am going to use both left parts of it. I kind of like to combination of those different smells.

This is a shampoo bar called Ultimate Shine and for some reasons a lot of people really like the way this shampoo leaves their hair. One of my managers is using it as little shine finishing after washing her hair. I wont use it no more, because even using it as finishing does not work with my hair. It just leaves it dry and rough and it starts to be kind of srubby. I really don't like it, unless the smell is great. Just a smell of violet and ylang-ylang.

The last product I have purchased is American Cream a strawberry - vanilla conditioner that is really working great for me. Actually it is not all vegan because honey water is used to make this. However it leaves my hair shiny, smooth but not weighted too much. 

Normally, when you're making a purchase at Lush you get a free sample. As I asked for a vegan sample and was pretty interested in their shampoo bars I got a part of Godiva. This is not only a shampoo bar, conditioner is also included. I like Godiva's smell and the way it leaves my hair, but need to add a conditioner. I'm using it for a week now (yes every day, yes I know this is not the best way to treat my hair.. ;) ) and the part of it is almost the same size as it used to be. I think I am going to purchase it, when it's used up.

Hope to see u guys soon :)

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